There is a Difference Between an Exhibition Agency and Exhibition Stand Construction Company.

MJ Exhibitions is an exhibition stand agency located in the UK without construction facilities.

The agency has not any construction capabilities. It's not considerate as a construction company it's an agency working with other construction companies.

The exhibition agency MJ Exhibitions order the construction to other subcontractors.

We booked our exhibition stand by the agency MJ Exhibitions 6 weeks before the exhibition start and 2 weeks before the exhibition started, they called saying that their partner will not deliver the exhibition stand.

Unfortunately we had to search for a new construction company and the time was not enough to build our design so we had to take an ordinary system stand from the exhibition organizer. The exhibition was a disaster, we did not had the environment often professional exhibition stand to president of a company and our product as it should be. I lost my job as I was responsible for the exhibition organization.

Definition of FRAUD:
A wrongful or criminal deception deliberately practiced in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain. Trickery or a swindle.

Is There a Ponzi Scheme?

It seemed that some contractors are running a "Ponzi" scheme type of business, as it appear they are attempting to use this money to cover past jobs or exhibition stands in other locations and that he could profit from. Seems to use the money of exhibitors to cover the expenses of other project and then just cancel the project claiming different reasons, and then they pay the money after months back. The exhibitor stays without his exhibition stand and the contractor has used the money for several months to finance other projects.

If you have contracted an exhibition stand contractor, if you have done bad experience or if your exhibition contractor has just canceled and not provided the construction or you are a victim of scam in the exhibition industry, come up with your story. It can be published on this page.
On this page you can post cases of exhibition stand cancellations.

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