Non-delivery of the exhibition booth is an auction fraud.
What to do when your exhibition stand contractor does not deliver your stand?

Many exhibitors are unaware that it could be a criminal action to fail to deliver an exhibition stand when an exhibitor has ordered the booth construction. Tips for Avoiding Non-Delivery of exhibition services.

Choosing a Contractor

Take time to choose the exhibition contractor for your booth construction. It is a good idea to choose a contractor with an established good history. You should be sure you can find anyone who has done his stand in the past. Make sure you are ordering your stand from an reputable exhibition contractor. Do your research on the individual or company to ensure that they are reputable and research there past exhibition construction.

  • Check out Wayback machine and check the web site historical past.
  • Take a look at other web sites regarding this person/company.
  • Do not judge a person or company by their website; flashy websites can be set up quickly.
  • Be cautious when responding to special exhibition offers, especially through unsolicited e-mail.

We hope you will not be part of bad experience like some exhibitors writing to us:

"I have never received my exhibition booth, I lost my prepayment of several thousands of euros. What should I do? Our company has made an binding agreement to build an exhibition stand by Stamann in Poznan. STAMANN Poland received 50 percent payment and canceled the stand development 10 days before the exhibition.
Among many other absurd claims, the contractor claimed that the plans were misleading and imperfect. We have not received the prepayment back. All who we get on the phone are someone not in charge."

How to Deal With a Bad Contractor?

Contact an attorney who specializes in contractor fraud and show him/her the photos or the video. Ask what they suggest to do going forward. A slew of websites allow you to post information about bad contractors, including and Post and pre warn others in social media an forums.

File a complaint with the local prosecutor's office. In most circumstances criminal prosecution will be initiated however it will be fact dependent and depends on resources available to the office.

Contact the consumer protection division of the country. Again not a likely cause of help unless they suspect multiple instances of fraud by the person or company.

Definition of FRAUD:
A wrongful or criminal deception deliberately practiced in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain. Trickery or a swindle.

Is There a Ponzi Scheme?

It seemed that some contractors are running a "Ponzi" scheme type of business, as it appear they are attempting to use this money to cover past jobs or exhibition stands in other locations and that he could profit from. Seems to use the money of exhibitors to cover the expenses of other project and then just cancel the project claiming different reasons, and then they pay the money after months back. The exhibitor stays without his exhibition stand and the contractor has used the money for several months to finance other projects.

If you have contracted an exhibition stand contractor, if you have done bad experience or if your exhibition contractor has just canceled and not provided the construction or you are a victim of scam in the exhibition industry, come up with your story. It can be published on this page.
On this page you can post cases of exhibition stand cancellations.

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